Los Tios Grill Restaurant Review

February 28, 2014

Ok so I’m putting off the aforementioned post one more day. Instead, I wanted to review Los Tios Grill, a Tex-Mex restaurant in Del Ray, Alexandria. Jake and I are both pretty fond of Del Ray. It’s such a cute little town and the main street vibe is absolutely precious. It’s also got a little bit of quirk, which provides a nice compliment to Old Town.

There are also some great little restaurants in Del Ray and since they are off the beaten path, they usually aren’t as crowded as Old Town. We got takeout from Los Tios once, but had never eaten inside and thought it would be a fun place to try with out of town visitors we had last weekend. To be fair, it was a Saturday night, but this place was humming! It was packed and everyone seemed like they were having a great time. There is a really fun vibe the minute you walk in the door and the owner, wait staff, and hostess are all incredibly nice and friendly.

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They brought baskets of free chips and salsa right away and kept them coming for as long as we wanted them. The guacamole appetizer was delicious and our food was amazing. It probably didn’t hurt that we had spent some time at the gym Saturday afternoon and we were starving! But I thought the helpings were quite generous and tasted delicious. I may have scarfed my food a little bit. I ordered the tacos and Jake had fajitas and we loved both.

The drink menu is a bit interesting and quite fun, they offer two sizes, normal and large. And the large is ginormous. You won’t need another drink for the rest of the night! I’m not sure this picture really does the size justice.

del ray restaurants, los tios review, restaurant recommendations

The bill was a bit more expensive than I was expecting – mostly the fault of the bowl-sized drinks, but the food wasn’t exactly cheap. Don’t get me wrong, it wasn’t expensive, especially by D.C. standards, but in my head Tex-Mex is always really cheap. Which is probably not a fair assumption. Anyways, we will definitely go back again, especially in the summer when you can get a margarita and sit outside on the patio. That sounds like the perfect recipe for a summer night, if I’ve ever heard one!

I hope you all get the chance to swing by Del Ray at some point and while you are there, maybe stop by Los Tios!

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