Del Ray Cafe Restaurant Review

July 23, 2014

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Ok, down to business. After another successful puppy adventure on Saturday, I was starving. Not literally of course, but my stomach was about to rear it’s ugly head and tears and tantrums were perilously within reach. (I’m not being overly dramatic – at least not right now – I lose all common sense and level headed-ness when I’m hungry). The fridge was also empty. So we decided to go grab a late brunch/lunch and Del Ray Cafe seemed like the perfect spot. 

I’ve been wanting to try Del Ray Cafe ever since I read that it was a French food cafe. You know me and my love of a good croissant. Once we got there, we sat down outside on the screened-in porch. The atmosphere was lovely, mostly because it was such a beautiful day and not a billion degrees like today. Since it was later, we had the space to ourselves, but the tables had plenty of room, so even if it were full, we wouldn’t have felt cramped.

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The service was lovely and the menu had tons of delicious options. I chose the French toast and Jake had the Croque Madame with sweet potato fries. We also split a pain au chocolat because…well we had to. Honestly, the best part was the sweet potato fries. The rest of the food was great, don’t get me wrong, but the fries. I think they had truffle salt on them and I could have eaten three bowls for brunch and called it a day. That being said, the rest of the food was delicious. The French toast was thick and came with amazing strawberry preserve and candied ginger. The Croque Madame was apparently yummy too.

After we were done, the owner came and checked on us, which I thought was a really nice touch. We were then given plenty of time and space to finish at a leisurely pace and enjoy our afternoon slowly. It was very French and quite peaceful. We will definitely be heading back to Del Ray Cafe, whether it be for lunch, brunch, or just a take-away baguette!

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