Evening Star Cafe Restaurant Review

July 3, 2014

Let’s pretend it’s Friday (I know that’s really asking a lot, given that most of us can’t wait for a day off). Instead of doing a recipe flashback Friday, I’m doing a restaurant review. I first talked about Evening Star Cafe years ago when we first visited Del Ray at the very beginning of our house hunt. Since then, we’ve been back numerous times and I feel much more qualified to give an accurate assessment.

I’m being 100% honest when I say we’ve never had a bad meal at Evening Star Cafe. Everything is always tasty, well prepared, and usually pretty seasonal. Of course, not everything is dream-about-for-six-months great, but everything is always delicious. We’ve taken a variety of guests and everyone has loved it. As long as we live in Old Town, my guess is this will be a pretty regular stop for us.

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Let’s start with the technicalities. The Evening Star Cafe service is always fantastic. Prompt, courteous, friendly, but not pushy. The environment is super charming and cozy. It’s a pretty small restaurant and the decor is really eclectic, so I almost feel like I’ve stepped back into the 1950s. The outdoor patio is also adorable and looks perfect for a summer evening. There is also a really neat bar in back that looks like the perfect spot for a high-quality cocktail. No canned beer and crappy wine here folks.

evening star cafe restaurant review, restaurant recommendations, washington dc restaurants

Now, on to the food. I would go for their cornbread muffins and spiced little loaves alone. They bring a little tray of muffins and breads at the beginning of the meal and you practically have to tie down my hands so I don’t gobble them up. The fried green tomatoes are my favorite starter. They are light and delicious, which is good because you want to save room.

I’ve tried a bunch of different entrees here and nothing has disappointed. This last time I had the pork chop, Jake had the salmon, and our guest had the risotto. All were so darn good. We’ve also been for brunch and they had fantastic cocktails and absolutely delicious brunch options.

But the dessert people. Now usually I don’t go to a restaurant for the dessert. But every dessert I’ve had here has been world-changing. At the beginning of the meal, they usually tell you about a dessert that takes 25 minutes to make and is big enough for the table. This time it was blueberry cobbler. We’ve had another berry cobbler and I think they had a chocolate dessert at one point. Either way, order it. The blueberry cobbler came in a big cast iron skillet and was huge. But oh, was it delicious. Seriously, I’ve been having dreams about this cobbler. The blueberries were whole, heavily spiced, and the whole thing had biscuit topping. It wasn’t too tart or too sweet and had a heavy hand of what I’m guessing is cinnamon, nutmeg, and cloves. I’m not sure, but boy would I like to know. We had the leftovers the next morning with tea and coffee and I cannot imagine a better Sunday morning.

Anyways (as I wipe the drool off my chin), I’d definitely recommend giving Evening Star Cafe a try. If you don’t live nearby, it’s worth the trip. For a weekend night, definitely make a reservation ahead of time. They don’t take reservations for brunch, but sometimes that works to your benefit. I think people are scared away by the possibility of not having a table and we had no trouble sitting right down.

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