Fireflies Restaurant Review

July 16, 2014

On Saturday, we took Q to a park, let him run around with other dogs, and gave our feet a good soak in the stream. It was a lovely morning. On the way home, we were both pretty hungry and something about spending a lot of time outdoors made us crave particularly hearty food. It probably didn’t help that we passed a few diners on the way home. We dropped off our thoroughly tired puppy and decided to go grab a spontaneous brunch somewhere. I’ve been mentioned Fireflies for months because I had read a review that it was a great place for a casual breakfast. So off we went!

Fireflies was absolutely perfect for what we needed on that day. The breakfast menu is extensive, service was quick and fantastic, the food was pretty cheap, and the helpings were delicious and generous. I had the personalized quiche and Jake had the egg breakfast. My side biscuit was great and his hashbrowns were just how he likes them.

It definitely has an interesting vibe. Double duty as a great breakfast place and a lounge/bar at night means that you have the booths of a diner, but the bar and sound system of a lounge. It’s a little funky, but we didn’t mind, we were only there for the food. Had it not been a billion degrees outside, we would have chosen the lovely outdoor patio instead. When we go back, which we will, we will try and choose a cooler day to make use of such great outdoor seating.

fireflies restaurant review

Despite it’s eccentricity, Fireflies was exactly what we needed on Saturday. It had diner-size portions and fantastic food, without being fancy, expensive or have a long wait. It is the perfect place when you need a quick and easy brunch and don’t want to have a lot of fuss.

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